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Have you ever wondered, “Am I breathing correctly? Are my ribs supposed to move, just my stomach, or both?”

  • How can I melt and mend chronic pain in my back with breathing?
  • Why can holding your breath (unconsciously) set you up for injury?
  • How is shallow breathing sabotaging your health?
  • What does a breath cycle mean?
  • What happens when you shallow breathe with bad ergonomics?
  • What do your organs, muscles and bones do when you’re breathing?

Respiratory System Facts

  • The right lung is slightly larger than the left.
  • Hairs in the nose help to cleanse the air we breathe as well as warm it.
  • The highest recorded “sneeze speed” is 165 km per hour.
  • The surface area of the lungs is roughly the same size as a tennis court